Saturday, February 16, 2008

discounted fish!

so, today i bought a fish. i was not planning on it.. but, i was looking in the pet store, and he (no clue..) was 50% off! which is a little depressing in a sense.. an animal, a living thing.. priced.. i could go on with my views on this.. but on a lighter note, i bought a fish for $2! xD


he has a scar on his side which makes him look like a totally badass fish. so, the name seemed fitting..
i'm not really a fish person.. you can't walk them.. or pet them.. or, really talk to them.. but man, do they put up a mean staring contest.

also, i am eating sherbert! (sherbet? w/e)

so, i'm not too sure what i should write about.. it's almost midnight, and i'm wide awake eating icecream, and talking about my new fish.. insomnia sucks. seriously, it's pretty common for me to be up until like, 4 am, blogging, googling, and searching wikipedia for all of lifes answers.. most people i know tell me that i should go to the doctor to get some sleeping pills, but, i don't know, i don't like the idea of having to take medication to sleep. no, i'm not all into scientology or anything, but i don't want to take pills if i don't have to. maybe i'm just a night person. :P

on the topic of scientology though, a lot has been going on lately with this whole, anonymous vs scientology thing...

i'm not entirely sure what anonymous is, but, i will say.. i support them (i like mudkips!) is mudkips even in refference to them? i now it's a pokemon character... oh gawd.. i am such a n00b. :(

anyway, i attempted to do some research, and i think anonymous started with i say that, because everything there is anonymous.. it is also believed to be the orgin of "lol catz" or whatever the hell it is called. now, i like cats, and i like random internet jokes.. but.. seriously people.. i am at loss of words for those comics.

anyhoo, i'm off. i think i may be actually falling asleep, and i ate all of my sherbert. :(


Thursday, February 14, 2008

look, a puppy!

so 08 is a month and a half in.. and, already, britney was commited multiple times..

- what have you done with your life? ;)

you know what? i'm not writing about any of that. i'm sooo sick of this.. i'm so sick of reading about her every trial and omfg, she bought star bucks! let's write an article about it! i feel bad for her, she is a human being, and doesn't deserve the constant critisim.

god, do you remember growing up in your parents home? being told to clean your room? or, that you didn't do well enough on your report card? can you remember, through overdramatic teen eyes, how traumatising that all seemed? she grew up with most of the worldwatching. i can't begin to imagine what that would be like. but, that's it. there. that is all i will ever type about britney spears (except that, i actually liked her new album, blackout).

now, i'm not getting annoyed with bloggers. i love that we live in an age where everyone can have an opinion and make a name for themselves, but, i will admit a strong dislike towards the actual tabloid magazines and their sister sites.

that may seem hypocrytical, but, i don't care.

i don't agree with how they publish and profit from stars misery. and, the paparazzi? i don't live anywhere near that, but, woah, pathetic.

now, i suppose it's not entirely the magazines fault, we the customers continue to read them after all.. i am just having a hard time understanding why we have such a sick and morbid fascination with watch people fall. is it because we are all so unhappy with our own lives that we have to prey on others for a boost in self esteem? or, is it that most of us never escaped that, over dramatic high school mentality.

woah, that was an unhappy blog, look! a puppy! =)

-fyi, i'm cat person.

kitten got pwned! :(

the birth of a blog!

it's alive!! ahh!

okay, so. here it is. my blog. i don't know what i'm going to write about, so, let's just consider this an adventure. an adventure together! yay! okay, that was lame. but, most of what i write will be, or, who knows, maybe you'll grow to love me. like an annoying friend that won't go away, or, a
homeless cat you feel sorry for..

"self deprication is a thing that ego-maniacs use to hide their vanity."

-it's on my facebook, so it must be true.

anyway, i'm too damn lazy to write with caps lock, or to punctuate properly, so, ignore a lot.
-fyw, before i actually looked at the key today, i thought it was cap-locks. huh, "the more you know!" *giant light bulb appears over head*

so, what's in the news... hmm.. i don't know.. i didn't bother to check today. i can guess though, i'm going to say, something about britney spears, george bush, and... obama vs clinton?

now, i know that this is a brand new blog, so, no one's going to probably read this, but.. feel free to comment when you do. :)

okay, i'm canadian, but for the record, i am going to say that i do support obama. i don't know, something doesn't sit right with me, having hilary clinton as president.. she seems to come across as, cold? i don't know if it's just me or not, i don't know her personally, so i'm not going to judge. i also understandthat she is experienced in office, but if i may say, i'd say just because she's experienced, it doesn't mean they were the right experiences..

anyway.. i'm babbling, go "obama 09!"

fti - i would totally support colbert if hh had more of an opprotunity to run.